69 zł netto/m²

Classic multisport grass used for playgrounds, pitches and tennis courts. It is infilled with quartz sand in amount of 28kg per sqm. Available in full rolls of 200cm or 400cm width in following colours: green, white, yellow, blue, orange, black. Grass in combination with shockpads of various thickness (25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 70mm) allows to achieve a safe surface (head injury criterion – HIC) sought after especially on public playgrounds.
Product resistant to high foot-traffic, used also in public areas.

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Materiał 100% Polietylen
Height 24 mm
Weight 2062 g/m2
Application playgrounds, multifuctional pitches
Colour green, white, blues, orange, black, yellow
Yarn fibrilated straight
Backing Latex
  • Standardowa długość rolki to 25mb.
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